Development Progress Update #3 (Test Mobile App)

Flac Finance
3 min readDec 3, 2022

It has been a few months since our last update and we have made great progress. Recently it has been exciting and also nerve-wracking developments in the Cardano ecosystem regarding the under development and newly launched projects. It actually provides us with a good opportunity to focus on our project and keep building.

Also, make sure to check out previous updates to see how we are progressing,

Backend System

After completing the reviews of the system, we now have also developed many modules ready for the test launch of the mobile app.

Implementation Completed 👇

✓ Auth
✓ Login/Signup
✓ Cardano ADA/FLAC deposit
✓ Payments
✓ Receiving Payments
✓ Balance module
✓ Portfolio module
⏳ Reset password
⏳ 2FA

Mobile App Features

During the previous update, we had mobile designs completed for many of the modules, the app is also now developed with some of those features to be ready for testing with limited functionality.

Mobile App Features Completed 👇
The mobile app features require backend-side modules to be ready, since as per the ready modules updated above, below mobile app features are ready for testing on the mobile app.

✓ Auth
✓ Login/Signup
✓ Cardano ADA/FLAC deposit
✓ Send ADA/FLAC tokens
✓ Receiving Payments via QR code and `@username`
✓ View Total Balance
✓ View Portfolio
⏳ Reset password
⏳ 2FA

🔥 Here are the real mobile phone screenshots of how the mobile app is going to be and you will be testing it once released.

#Wen Mobile App release

With all being said about the progress over many months, we are finally set to release the mobile app to a closed group of testers to help us test the mobile app.

Who is this closed group of testers?

Community members holding Milo NFTs will get the first access to the Flac mobile app and start exploring the features.

Will there be an incentive for testers?

There will be real FLAC tokens rewards for testers based on their activity on the Flac mobile app, reporting of issues, bugs, and any critical vulnerabilities.

When is the mobile app to be launched?

🔥🔥 The mobile app is planned to be launched on the 12th Dec 2022 (Next week)

We will be sharing more details about the Milo holders and testnet Flac tokens for use within the mobile app at the time of the launch. Excited to share more updates very soon.

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