Development Progress Update #2

Flac Finance
2 min readSep 28, 2022

Happy Vasil everyone! It has been a busy month for the team as we upgraded our infrastructure for Vasil. We bring you Flac development updates on how we are progressing.

Backend System

During the previous update, we completed the overall Flac architecture review, and crypto deposits and withdrawals were pending reviews due to their sophisticated design requirement. While each currency has infrastructure-specific requirements for integration, the Flac system maintains a generic integration specification. Currently, we are focusing on the Cardano integration,

✓ Cardano Deposit Module design and review complete

⏳ Cardano Withdrawal (review in progress)

Mobile App Designs

The mobile app is being designed by a dedicated designer, we have gone through many iterations of the designs to make sure we build the app with the best user experience in mind without unnecessary clutter. The design spec is then used by the developers to code the mobile app, the status of the designs is as below,

Mobile App Teaser

✓ Splash
✓ Login/Signup
✓ 2FA
✓ Reset Password
✓ Dashboard
✓ Portfolio
✓ Currency Pages
✓ Deposit
✓ Withdrawal
✓ Flac-Flac Payment using @ usernames
✓ Swap
⏳ Scan and Pay
⏳ Borrow
⏳ Lend
⏳ User profile
⏳ Settings

✓ We have also had conversations with AdaHandle team for an integration with Flac mobile app

Apart from the Flac development

The development team were also working towards Cardanoscan and Typhon Wallet upgrades for Vasil. We will soon be releasing Babbage support on Typhon Wallet.


We have exciting news and updates coming out soon about the public sale, Flac Mobile App, and an incentivised testing program, all during December. Make sure you have Milo NFT in your wallet, it's going to be useful 😉

Did you know?

Flac Finance is being built using modular components-based architecture, you can read more about the Flac architecture and different components in detail in the whitepaper,

We look forward to sharing more updates on project development as we progress.

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