Welcome Prince to Flac Finance

Flac Finance
2 min readJul 21, 2023

Hello, Flacers! It has been quite some time since the V2 testnet app launch, and we have been busy building our operations and integrations team. Running the business and coding the app are distinctive goals. While the Flac app is coming along stable and smoothly, it is important that we have necessary integrations in place such as banking and exchanges.

The V2 Testnet App was a success and delivered a smooth Flac mobile app experience but is not usable by real people unless it works with the infrastructure people use, allows people to exchange fiat/crypto and process real payments. This is where compliance, dependency on reliable payment providers, and exchanges come into play.

We are excited to welcome Prince to the Flac Finance team. Prince is a close friend of the Flac team from our university days and has been helping us throughout the Flac journey. He is working in the blockchain ecosystem for more than 4 years and has extensive knowledge about technology and operations through his experience with his previous endeavours. Prince who started his career coding blockchain apps now leads op teams and advises VCs regarding the feasibility of startup tech readiness for investment opportunities.

LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajweb3/

Prince will be heading the exchange integrations, payment provider partnerships and business operations at Flac Finance. We are excited for the days ahead as we unfold into the unchartered territories and work towards the mainnet version of the Flac mobile app.

That’s all folks for today. We shall be back soon with more updates and details regarding the V3 testnet program which will be what you will see on mainnet.