Testnet Program V2

Flac Finance
3 min readMar 27, 2023

Hello Flacers! Announcing the most awaited news, the Testnet Program V2 is coming as planned on 31st March 2023. It has been a great ride since the v1 program and we have been upgrading the v1 mobile app with your feedback, suggestions, new features, improvements and topped up with some extra love and excitement.

Here are some quick Testnet Program V1 Stats

  • Testers Rewarded with a total of — 2345 $FLAC
  • Mobile App versions released — 3
  • Total users registered — 64
  • Total deposits processed — 178
  • Total transactions — 578
  • Total Feedback submitted — 58
  • Downtime — 0%

Thanks to your feedback and suggestions; the all-new v2 testnet mobile app brings along great improvements and new features, including security improvements. To understand more about the new features please join our Discord and make sure you have your Milo NFT ready to get you exclusive access to the testnet program. Join Discord!

V1 Program Testers Rewards

We have airdropped a total of 2345 $FLAC tokens to the V1 testers. If you have tested and missed the airdrop, please keep an eye out for an announcement on the Discord server to receive your rewards during the V2 airdrop.

How can you participate in v2 testing?

  1. The testing program is open for the Milo NFT holders. If you do not own one, you can get one on jpg.store!
  2. Join the Flac Finance Discord to get your Milo Role to communicate feedback, and interact with the testing team.
  3. More the Milo NFTs you have, the more you will be able to interact with the mobile app.

How does it work, what do you need?

We will be airdropping tFLAC (testnet tFLAC tokens) to the Milo NFT holders over the PreProd testnet network. We will be snapshotting the Milo NFT holders on the mainnet network, and airdrop tFLAC tokens to their wallets on the PreProd testnet network.

  1. Download the app for Android or iOS (details in Discord)
  2. Register an account.
  3. You will need a wallet that supports PreProd testnet. We recommend using Typhon Wallet.
  4. You will receive a limited number of testnet tokens every 12h into your wallet to deposit to the Flac App and use it.
  5. Below is the token/Milo ratio (This will change/increase as we progress)
  • Cardano Edition — 20 tFLAC tokens
  • Flac Edition — 10 tFLAC tokens
  • Standard Edition — 5 tFLAC tokens
  • more the Milo NFTs, more the tokens. eg. if you have 3 Milos, you will receive 3x the tokens.

6. You can then deposit the tokens to the Flac mobile app to use it.

What’s in it for the V2 testers?

While the testers spend their valuable time finding those pesky bugs and providing feedback, they must be rewarded. We will be rewarding the testers with mainnet FLAC tokens at the end of the testing program.

The amount of tokens one can earn is totally up to the tester themselves. The more the activity testers will perform on the app the more rewarding it will be. The activity includes performing transactions on the app, providing feedback to the team, and submitting bug reports. We will be filtering out any abnormal activity that will try to trick the system. Hence it is a must that one acts as an organic contributor.

Please join the Flac Discord for more details on the testnet v2 program. Thanks again for your support and we will be back again with exciting updates.