Testnet Program V1 Concludes

Flac Finance
2 min readJan 8, 2023

Happy new year Flacers! The testnet program V1 started on 12th Dec 2022 and concluded on 7th Jan 2023. We are sharing the outcome of this testnet activity in this article.

The testnet program V1 was made available to the Milo NFT holders and about 64 users participated in the program. Users tested both the android and iOS versions of the Flac mobile app during the activity.

Features that were available in the V1 Testnet

  • Login/Signup
  • Resetting password
  • Deposit tFLAC along with tADA
  • Send tADA to Flac user via @usernameand via QR code
  • Send tFLAC tokens to Flac users via @usernameand via QR code
  • Receive tADA or tFLAC tokens via your username or QR code
  • Transaction History
  • Transaction memo
  • Min deposit amount with no loss of deposits

All of the features above were tested by the participants and users provided their feedback on user experience and feature requests.

The testnet program stats

Here are some stats on the testnet activity and feedback

  • Mobile App versions released — 3
  • Total users registered — 64
  • Total deposits processed — 178
  • Total transactions — 578
  • Total Feedback submitted — 58
  • Downtime — 0%

What's next for the testers?

The participants will be rewarded with mainnet FLAC tokens based on their testnet activity as recorded on 7th Jan 2023. The exact date for the rewards payout is not yet decided and can be expected during the month of February after the team reviews the testnet activity and filters out any unfair activity.

Testnet program V2?

This testnet program was one of the many to come and the next version will be made available with improved features, usability, improvements on feedback and new features eg. withdrawal, 2FA etc.

The Milo NFTs will be used to participate in the testnet program V2 so hold onto them firmly.

What’s next on the roadmap?

The V1 testnet program showcased mobile app features well ahead of the roadmap and we are now working towards a public sale TBA in a few days as part of the Q1'23 timeline. Once the public sale is concluded we will be focusing on listing the token on dexes and continue to build the next version of the mobile app. Do join the Flac Finance Discord to keep an eye on the upcoming announcements.

Thank you so much for all the support, this was all possible only because of you! We are excited to bring more updates very soon.