Milo NFT Announcement!

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2 min readMay 29, 2022


The Flac Finance team is proud to announce the minting day and the utility of our Milo the Meerkat NFT on Cardano! We are very excited to bring the Cardano NFT community into the Flac ecosystem with our Mascot, Milo the Meerkat.

Each NFT is distinguished from the others by its own combination of traits. Milo The Meerkat NFT collection will have only 7000 NFTs. NFTs will be classified in two different editions.

Standard Edition

One-of-a-kind NFTs that will be available for purchase as part of our NFT sale with utility (NFT utility discussed below). There are a total of 5500 Standard edition NFTs, 25 of which have already been minted and airdropped as part of the Twitter and Discord giveaways. 87 NFTs were minted and distributed to community seed-sale participants, they are the only NFTs with the Cardano t-shirt and only 87 of them will ever exist. A total of 5388 Standard Edition NFTs are available for Mint on the minting date.

Flac Edition

Rare NFTs with much more utility than the Standard edition, there are only 1500 NFTs of this edition available for mint.

Both the edition NFTs are part of the same collection and under the same policy. They are differentiated based on the traits they hold, an NFT with a Flac branded trait is considered a Flac Edition NFT.

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Milo NFT utility 🚀

Holders of NFTs will benefit greatly from the Flac Finance ecosystem, below are planned utilities as of the writing of this article.

  • ISPO rewards will be boosted by 1% per epoch for holders of Standard Edition NFTs. In the governance phase of Flac Finance, governance power will be increased by 5%
  • Flac Edition NFT holders will receive a 2% boost in ISPO rewards per epoch. In the governance phase of Flac Finance, governance power will be increased by 10%.

INFO: 1 Milo boost per wallet is applicable, more NFTs do not multiply the boosted benefits.

Note that the ISPO reward boost will be taken into account for each epoch. For example, if you have an NFT at the end of epoch 343, your rewards for epoch 343 will be increased. The Milo boost will be applicable along with the ISPO long term delegation boost.

We have a lot more utilities in the works, which will be announced as the roadmap unfolds.

NFT Sale

Milo NFT Mint is on 7th June 2022 at 14:00 UTC

Standard edition NFTs will cost 50 ADA each at the mint, while the Flac Edition NFTs will cost 120 ADA each.

Milo NFT ISPO boost will be applied from epoch 343, for the wallets which will hold the NFT!

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