Introducing Flac Finance

Flac Finance
2 min readApr 25, 2022


Flac Finance is set on being the safest, fastest, and most accessible RealFi Platform on the Cardano Blockchain. This platform will be integrated with legacy financial systems to provide regulated financial services. Services such as instant loans, earning yield, paying for your everyday needs with a FLAC credit card or advanced UPI payment method, and finally the ability to swap in between supported cryptocurrencies, stable coins, and fiat. With these options being completely regulated, Flac Finance provides the safest user experience with the least amount of friction to its users. This will also allow for a smooth fiat on-off ramp in supported countries.

$FLAC Token

$FLAC is a Cardano Native Asset that will power the Flac Finance platform. $FLAC Token will allow users to earn extra promotional rewards, low-interest loans, and it will be the governance token that allows users to vote on the important decisions driving the development of the Flac Finance Platform.

✔️ Staking
✔️ Governance
✔️ Higher Interest Return
✔️ Discounted Loans

The Team

The Flac team is composed of skilled Cardano developers with a long history of building products and tools for the Cardano Blockchain. Past tools that have driven innovation in the space are Cardanoscan which is a Cardano explorer allowing users to search the history of the chain and Typhon Wallet which is a highly advanced Cardano Wallet that allows users to interact with the Cardano Blockchain.

Token Launch

FLAC Finance will be offering an ISPO where users can earn $FLAC tokens for staking ADA to FLAC pools. (more details to be announced) The ISPO is going live on May 15th at the beginning of the Epoch.

“Provide access to digital asset owners a wide range of blockchain financial solutions. A RealFi platform that is faster, safer, and accessible to everyone.” — The Flac Finance Team

Our mission is clear and our team is here to stay. Borrow, Earn, Pay, and Swap with crypto and fiat all on the Flac Finance platform built on Cardano to empower the world.

Whitepaper to be released soon…