Increased ISPO rewards with Milo NFTs!

Flac Finance
2 min readJul 11, 2022

Community involvement will always be at the heart of Flac Finance. When creating the best platform, we constantly work to prioritise the community. In terms of platform development, Flac Finance is on track. We have held our own ISPO for more than a month now after finishing our community seed sale. Additionally, we are currently running a Milo NFT sale, which increases ISPO rewards. However, some community members have indicated a wish for our Milo the Meerkat NFT boost for the ISPO rewards to be at a higher percentage.

In order to give holders a better chance of earning more $FLAC tokens for taking part in the ISPO, Flac Finance is pleased to announce that we will be increasing both the Standard edition and the Flac edition boost!

We are very grateful for the community’s early participation, and we anticipate that this increase will encourage more people to join the Flac Finance project. This modification will take effect right away, and is applicable to previous epoch rewards as well! You can start earning higher $FLAC rewards every Epoch by simply keeping your Milo the Meerkat NFT in the same wallet that you have staked to our ISPO!

Here is the new boost for the Milo NFT holders and ISPO participants!

✅ Standard Edition Milo = 7% ISPO Boost & 5% Governance Boost

✅ Flac Edition Milo = 10% ISPO Boost & 10% Governance Boost

Depending on the Edition you have in your delegated wallet, you could receive an additional boost of up to 10% with Milo if you start participating in ISPO from this point forward. If you are already participating in the ISPO, you will automatically receive the extra boost for previous epochs.

🔥 The increased boost with Milo NFTs and the loyalty boost for participating in ISPO which is 4%, will grant you up to 14% EXTRA $FLAC rewards.

🔥 Participate in the ISPO now and earn up to 0.0228 $FLAC tokens for every 1 ADA staked. The total supply of $FLAC is capped at 2,000,000,000 tokens only.

Visit the ISPO dashboard now to participate in the $FLAC ISPO. The most comprehensive ISPO dashboard built by the Flac Finance team,


Mint the Milo NFT to be eligible for the ISPO boost