Flac Finance seed round concludes!

Flac Finance
2 min readMay 15, 2022


Hello, Flac community! We are happy to inform you that the seed sale has ended. The seed sale began in late April and ended on May 14, 2022.

As a community-first organisation, Flac Finance has done its best to share the details of our seed-sale round here. From the beginning, we’ve attempted to distribute $FLAC tokens as fairly as possible. That means we want to be completely community-driven, with no VC investors in the token sale. The seed sale was an opportunity for the community to purchase $FLAC tokens at a reduced price (1 ADA = 46 $FLAC tokens) with a minimum of 5000 ADA.

Total seed sale allocation

280,000,000 $FLAC

Total ADA raised

816,988 ADA

Total $FLAC tokens sold

37,581,493 $FLAC (13.42% of seed allocation)

Unique wallets participated


What happens to the remaining seed sale allocation?

The remaining $FLAC tokens will be allocated for the benefit of the community and the project. A percentage of the tokens will be allocated for the public sale and the remaining will be merged into the treasury funds. The treasury funds will be used to grow the platform. The final percentage of the re-allocation will be shared with the community at the time of the public sale announcement.

We want to express our gratitude to all of our seed participants and supporters. The amount of ADA we raised without VC funds and with the Cardano community is phenomenal. The $FLAC tokens will be released to seed participants at the end of the ISPO on 11th Jan 2023. Meanwhile, seed participants can visit the seed sale dashboard to track their token allocation, https://flac.finance/seed/investor-claim.

What’s next?

The Flac Finance ISPO has already begun, if you missed participating in the seed sale, the ISPO is now your chance to get $FLAC tokens, the utility token of the platform. Visit the ISPO dashboard to participate in the ISPO,

This is just the beginning; The team continues to build irrespective of the current market conditions, 1 ADA = 1 ADA 💪