Flac Finance — Minswap Partnership Announcement

Flac Finance
2 min readMay 12, 2022


We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Minswap (a multi-pool decentralised exchange on Cardano), which is already serving users on the mainnet with its innovative multi-pool liquidity model exchange. They’ve been one of Cardano’s favourite DEXs because of their community-first, innovation-driven attitude.

Strica and Minswap are already strategic partners in our never-ending journey, sharing technology ideas and advances. Flac Finance and Minswap are collaborating because of their community-oriented approach and innovative ideas. This collaboration will aid Flac Finance in bridging the gap between the crypto and fiat worlds, giving crypto users more possibilities. This collaboration will allow Flac Finance to list $MIN tokens right from the platform’s debut, allowing customers to borrow/lend against $MIN tokens.

Flac Finance will use Minswap’s launchpad platform and $FLAC tokens will be listed on Minswap DEX, as $FLAC tokens will be released to seed investors and ISPO participants on January 11th, 2023. We are excited to explore the endless possibilities of this partnership with Minswap’s experience.

About Minswap

Minswap is a community-centric Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the Cardano blockchain that aims to enable the permissionless trading of token pairs. For each swap, a fee is taken, which goes to the Liquidity Providers. Anyone can provide liquidity as well, hence profits are decentralized. Minswap aims to capitalize on Cardano´s peer-reviewed and secure pillars to realize its potential of financially empowering everyone.

For more details on Minswap, please visit: https://minswap.org

About Flac Finance

Flac Finance is a RealFi platform built on the Cardano blockchain that aims to deliver regulated, safe, and rapid financial services to users all over the world. Flac Finance provides an all-in-one financial platform, addressing the present system’s inefficiencies. Users keep full control of their digital assets while still having instant access to cash.

Visit the Flac Finance website: https://flac.finance