DexHunter — Flac Finance Strategic Partnership

Flac Finance
2 min readDec 20, 2023

We’re pleased to announce a strategic partnership with DexHunter (a dex aggregator on Cardano). DexHunter has quickly become the biggest portal for swapping Cardano native tokens due to its ease of use and integration with major Cardano dexes.

Flac Finance and DexHunter are collaborating because of their community-oriented approach and innovative ideas. This collaboration will aid Flac Finance in adding support for swapping Cardano native tokens on the Flac mobile app, giving crypto users more possibilities. The DexHunter being integrated with multiple Cardano dexes, affordable fees, and having access to all tradable native tokens makes DexHunter integration beneficial for both the Flac and DexHunter.

Utilising the Cardano native tokens liquidity via DexHunter

Flac Finance allows users to buy/sell crypto assets within the Flac App. To process such orders, Flac needs to use the liquidity from the exchange partners. Flac relies on centralised exchange partners for processing orders for other coins, and we can swap Cardano native tokens via the Cardano dexes where there is enough liquidity. DexHunter integration will allow the Flac platform to process Cardano native token swap orders via DexHunter.

See the ref below from whitepaper page 13,

For more details about Flac, please join the Flac Discord, if you would like to help provide feedback on the current mobile app, check out the Testnet v3 program currently in progress and earn rewards.

That’s all for now, we will be back with exciting updates soon.

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